My knife is not getting sharp, what should I do?

4 important things to remember when using HORL sharpener for the first time: TIME: The first sharpening process can take some time because the knife needs to "learn" the new sharpening angle. Depending on how you sharpened and maintained your knife previously, this can take more or less time. ANGLE: you will need to choose one of two angles to sharpen your knife. We suggest using the marker pen method to determine which angle should be chosen. This video shows you how to do it: DISCS ORDER: The correct order to use the discs is: First, the diamond disc, and then the ceramic disc. In this video, you can see the order: LEATHER: After sharpening, a leather (you can use a leather belt as well) removes even the finest abrasive particles and guarantees a clean, smooth blade. Here you can see how: #horl1993 #sharpener​ #sharpknives​ #rollingknifesharpener #rollingsharpener #horlrollingsharpener #horlrollingknifesharpener #horlsharpener HORL® Online Shop: Follow us on Facebook: Follow us on Instagram: Follow us on TikTok: FAQ's:

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