When fragrances become EMOTIONS


Specialists in the design, creation and production of fragrances for fabrics and the home, Italian company Deolab S.r.l. has become a household name not just domestically but also on the international market. In fact, Deolab S.r.l. was the first company in the world to market a laundry perfume. The company was founded in 2018 in Grassobbio, a few minutes from Bergamo. It developed its first perfume for softeners in 2011 from an idea by founders and owners Antonella Costa and Silvio Anesa, who dreamt of sharing their passion for fragrances and their desire to communicate emotions and memories, because scents take us back to specific moments in time, reassure us and warm our hearts. The aim was to establish Deolab S.r.l. as one of the leading businesses in the Home Fragrance sector and as the creator of the first collection of laundry perfumes on the market. Deolab S.r.l. creates and markets various fragrance products: home fragrances, fabric deodoriser sprays and concentrated laundry perfumes.

To contribute to and guarantee the safety of the products, the raw materials, such as the natural essential oils, form part of a detailed traceability and screening programme and are designed to go beyond the industry standards. The creation of a fragrance is a precise and delicate process that involves a range of experts that work in harmony. The Deolab chemists work on the base of the scent, an essential step that will ensure the end customer the right amount of perfume and a long-lasting product. The most expert perfumers then develop the fragrance with the help of professional “noses” and create the olfactory pyramid. Capturing the essence of everyday life in “liquid” form, an evocative blend of pleasant memories and sensations to diffuse in the air through its olfactory notes. The company has followed this process to create three brands of fragrances for use at home but also elsewhere... Three distinct identities to cater for very different contexts, from mass distribution to retail: Profumel, Horomia and Horolux.

“We dedicate all of our expertise, time and passion to the constant development of new, high-performance products – explains Antonella Costa, Founder and CEO of Deolab S.r.l. - From laundry perfumes to fabric sprays through to more recent products like the Horomia scented sachets and the new aroma diffuser sticks from the Horomia Home Fragrance range, we are continuously designing and developing new fragrances, always with a close eye on the context and the latest perfume trends. We are strong believers in using the latest cutting-edge technologies to guarantee our customers increasingly effective, high-quality and long-lasting products. In recent years we have decided to invest in more sophisticated technologies and in a new marketing strategy to better communicate the passion we put into our everyday work. Though we remain committed to selling our products via the retail channel, we are also focused on driving up sales in our online stores. The major retail industry, where we are present with the Profumel brand, represents an important part of our market share, but we are also working to develop our network of boutique retailers with the Horomia brand.”

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