The brand built on passion and continuous research in the world of fragrance


Horomia was the brainchild of Antonella Costa and Silvio Anesa, who had long dreamt of sharing their passion for fragrances. For over 10 years the aim has been to guarantee a profound sensation of wellbeing through perfumes that have been carefully designed to make people fall in love.

The choice of name, “Horomia”, stems from a considered reflection on the identity of the brand, pioneer of a new product category, laundry perfume. “Horo” brings to mind Horus, god of the sun and the moon in Ancient Egypt, the birthplace of perfume. In fact, the Ancient Egyptians were the first to use scented ointments on their bodies. The addition of “mia” - the Italian possessive pronoun meaning “mine” - alludes to the idea of a unique fragrance reflective of everyone’s personality and taste. “Horomia” therefore literally means “My fragrance of the gods”.

The philosophy of the founders of Horomia has been clear since the outset: to evoke pleasant and intense sensations, to bring back memories that seemed to have been consigned to history forever. How? We stimulate people’s scent memory. Our sense of smell is more effective than any of the other senses at bringing back long forgotten memories, also after many years. Horomia was created so we can relive extraordinary moments in our lives thanks to its unique and unforgettable fragrances.

The success of the Horomia Laundry Perfumes convinced husband and wife team Antonella and Silvio to expand their range of home fragrance products. The range now includes three separate brands for home use: Horomia, Profumel and Horolux.

Horomia is a retail brand consisting of over 40 subtle and elegant laundry perfumes (available in the sizes 50 ml, 250 ml and 500 ml) made from top-quality raw materials.

 The HOROMIA Home Fragrances line is more recent and includes diffuser sticks, the timeless scented candles, and fabric deo sprays. The latest exclusive and innovative domestic product is the Bi-Phase Fragrance.

Profumel is the laundry perfume range developed for the major retail and drugstore channel with 8 fragrances, ideal for all types of fabrics, marketed in a 250 ml container.

Horolux is the first laundry perfume made with typical haute parfumerie ingredients in 4 exclusive scents.


“Passion, ambition, but also curiosity have always been the keys to our success. We are always looking for original fragrances that reflect current perfume trends and innovative products created with sustainable techniques that respect the environment. It is thanks to our relentless desire to evolve and develop that we have succeeded in combining two apparently separate worlds, those of Laundry and Home Fragrances. With Horomia it is possible to enter any room in the house and immerse yourself in the scent of your favourite fabric conditioner. In the same way, with the HOROLUX line it is possible to give your laundry amber, spicy or woody hints typical of home scent

diffusers or perfumes, for example”, comments Antonella Costa, Founder and President of Horomia.

The three brands Profumel, Horomia and Horolux are available in the online e-shop on the official Horomia website and from other stockists. The quality of the products is also generating lots of enthusiasm in the home decor sector.

“The quality of our products - high-performance, effective, long-lasting and made with the finest raw materials and natural essential oils - means they are welcomed with open arms by retailers. The relationship we have established with our collaborators, consisting of dialogue and an openness to new products, is crucial for understanding what the end customer is looking for,” explains Antonella Costa.

The three brands Profumel, Horomia and Horolux are the result of years of experience, constant research and a willingness to embrace new challenges, a key aspect when it comes to meeting the needs of the modern consumer.

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