Existing dish rack used stainless steel wire material by welding.
Because of this, the weight is heavy and large and can not be cleaned separately.
Therefore, there is a very unsanitary problem because mold is formed, bacteria grow
and rust is generated. And it can not be used in the installation space according
to the desired size.
Living blocks have been created to solve these problems.
The living block can be easily removed by simply wiping it with a soft cloth or soft brush.
If necessary, it can be disassembled and cleaned and it can be used hygienically
disinfecting by boiling water. And surprisingly, you can make it to the size you want.

Product's originality
1. Easy to clean and even sterilized. And it is safe
- Small and light, easy to clean
- It can be disinfected in boiling water (RoHS certification)
- It can withstand heavy loads (Max 16kg)
- No rust occurrence
- 100% Made in Korea
2. Maximize efficiency and utilization with customized usage
- Can be used in various sizes
- Easy to assemble and disassemble
- Can be used in various places
- Automatic water drainage system (4 sides can be selected)
3. Various colors to upgrade the interior
- Can make unique dish-rack only for you
- White, Black, Grey, Navy 4 color (Mixed assembly possible)

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