Hand-Painted Wallpaper

The art of hand-painted wallpapers: a fusion of colour and design.

My exclusively hand-painted wallpapers come in a wide range of subjects and designs, capable of satisfying even the most refined tastes. Each work is created with care and passion.
I work on a fibreglass fabric support with antibacterial and fire-retardant properties, making it safe and suitable for any type of environment. Its rectangular structure allows for optimal breathability of the walls, reducing the presence of humidity and mould. Furthermore, thanks to the very low electrostatic charge, the glass fibres repel dust and allergenic substances, ensuring a healthy andclean environment.
Hanging my wallpaper is simple and intuitive, allowing you to quickly transform your space without difficulty. Moreover, to ensure minimal environmental impact, I use paints with a low resin content and, in some cases, paints completely free of plasticisers.
My attention to the environment is also reflected in the final protective wax finish, which is free of solvents. I personally selected this product, not only for its protective effectiveness, but also for its natural fragrance which makes it ideal for spaces such as bedrooms. Don’t settle for banal solutions without personality. Create your own exclusive space with wallpaper from my collection, choosing from a vast array of one-of-a-kind wall illustrations. Do not hesitate to contact me more a highly personalised service and tailor-made projects, specific to your needs.
Invest in quality and immerse yourself in a style that speaks to you. My hand-painted wallpapers are the distinctive element that will make your space a truly artistic masterpiece. Don’t give up the beauty and customisation you deserve.

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