Compressed soap refill 3 tabs mixed fragrances

LeTabs is an innovative type of soap. It takes the form of an 8g colored tablet to be dissolved in water (preferably warm). The tablet is slightly effervescent and as it dissolves it releases its cosmetic components into the water, turning plain tap water into a real liquid soap. The formulation of LeTabs is very liquid and therefore requires a foam dispenser to work properly. This allows less product to be consumed than normal liquid soaps, as each individual wash takes only 1.2ml, while still providing a considerable dose of foam.

100% Made in Italy

Dermatologically tested

Environmentally friendly, completely free of single-use plastic

Space-saving, one 8g tab guarantees 350ml of soap

Includes 3 tabs with mixed fragrances

Dispenser not included


LeTABS - Refill Kit

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