The Art of the Monti Napoleone

The Art of Trimmings and Passions

Once upon a time there was a family imbued with the warmth of tradition and woven with the fiber of innovation. The Monti family, masters of the art of trimmings, had been weaving their skills since the dawn of the 19th century. Their craft lineage had begun in Cusano Milanino, in those far-off days when Lombardy was weaving the roots of the textile industry.

It was Napoleone Monti, a visionary man of extraordinary talent, who gave a new thread to the family history. In the tumultuous flow of the 20th century, he moved to Genoa, establishing the headquarters of their company in Piazza Palermo. There, the looms weaved art and craftsmanship, creating garments for clothing and furnishings.

However, World War II brought with it its devastation. The site, unfairly flagged for armament production, was hit by frightening bombings. There where bangs and cords proudly waved, insignificant military accessories were made, but the fire of war did not discriminate. The documents, keepers of their history, and the wooden looms, animated by the hands and feet of their craftsmen, were lost in the maelstrom of destruction.

With the burning need to begin again, a difficult but necessary decision arose: the move beyond the Apennines. The heart of this story of passion and love moved to Strevi, a place chosen not only for its serene beauty but also for a romantic family destiny. It was there that Grandpa Monti had met Grandma Rita, who had enchanted his heart. In this sweet encounter, the future of the Monti family took root, and Strevi became the new crossroads of their skillful creations.

The ancient art of weaving was renewed in the fresh wind of the Piedmont hills. Monti Napoleone, so named in honor of his paternal grandfather, flourished in Strevi, producing unique trimmings that told not only a story of craftsmanship, but also an unbreakable bond with the past and a passion for the future. Looms that were activated by the warmth of hands and feet were now joined by modernity, creating a symphony of tradition and innovation that continued to weave the threads of time.

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