The chess factory in Florence since 1976

Italfama is born in 1976 near Florence, thanks to Aldo Marsili and his passion for chess game, but especially thanks to his hand abilities in craft works and his artistic passion.

The first chessboards made for his friends were so successful that very soon, what was born as a simple hobby, became a full-fledged life’s work, making Italfama a world class factory in the production of high quality chess pieces and chessboards.

Italfama offers chessboard in both classic and contemporary style, as well as historical themed chess pieces like famous battles and characters from the ancient and modern history.

To realize the Italfama chessboards are carefully chosen precious materials, like elm and walnut briar wood, semiprecious stones like onyx, Carrara’s marble and malachite, while the chess pieces were realized with the use of many metals, including solid brass and bronze, in various finishes that span from classic satin to refined gold and silver.

1999 was an important year for Italfama, whom acquired the “Piero Benzoni” factory in Milan, famous for the production of exclusive chess pieces and chessboards in limited edition, hand made in bronze using the lost wax casting process, an ancient method handed down by the famous sculptor Benvenuto Cellini in 1550 and still ongoing in the jewellery sector. These exclusive masterpieces are refined with 24k gold and silver.

With their entry in the company, the sons Tommaso and Marco contribute with several modern and innovative ideas, which results in the launch of new products lines, new finishes and new company strategies.

In 2005 Italfama debut in the online market with an elegant website reserved for retailers and a website reserved for the sale.

The 2017 year is an other fundamental one. Italfama acquires the factory “La Bottega del Vasari” in Milan, itself specialized in production of artistic ches pieces and chessboards made in bronze, to point out the worldwide uniqueness of its chessboards completely hand made.

Since 40 years Italfama exhibit at the most important international fairs of home décor, gift and furniture, in Italy in Milan and abroad in Germany, England, Russia and soon in Usa and asian countries.

Recenty Italfama celebrated its 40 years of business, and continues its own hand made work, still careful of its customers needs and always with the same values: great passion, commitment and highest care to the last details.

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