10 exclusive washing machine essences 100% MADE IN ITALY with top quality fragrances DERMATOLOGICALLY TESTED. 100% Fragrance 0% Softener for long persistence. Special formula WITH SANITIZING ACTION, with Quaternary Salts, which make the hygiene of your garments safer. I'M GREEN 100% RECYCLABLE packaging, produced with materials of plant origin. Elegant 100% recyclable and guaranteed leak-proof aluminum cap.

Our line of LAUNDRY PERFUMERS uses only the best essential oil extracts our scented laundry essences are free of toxic or carcinogenic substances, to give you unique and surprising fragrances on every type of fabric, both in the washing machine and in the dryer. The micro-encapsulation formula allows you to keep the perfume alive for a long time. The intensity of the scent increases as the fabrics rub. Persistent fragrance for days and days on every type of fabric.

Our essences are also available in single-dose formats, useful for testing new fragrances and to always carry with you even when travelling, and can also be dispensed and used in self-service laundries. For those who use it, we recommend combining our Neutral Fabric Softener with the wash, in addition to the laundry perfumer, to give even more softness to the clothes. 

A true revolution for laundry 10 unique and surprising fragrances, for a lasting result for days and days on every type of fabric. From today also with a new sanitizing formula for your safety! Our line of scented laundry essences uses only the best extracts of natural essential oils, free of toxic or carcinogenic substances. A few drops of our dryer and washing machine fragrances are enough for a surprising result on every type of fabric.


Laundry Perfume

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